Mr. Stephen Poplawski inventor of Blender. With the rapid advancements and modernization of the global village, scientists and researchers are always in keen interest to introduce something that could help out human life. A blender is also such an invention that is used to save precious time and covers the workload of hours in minutes. 

The invention of blenders has made the complexity of tasks simple. It has not only become an essential part of domestic-kitchens but also plays an important role in the baking and brewing industries. To learn more, let’s have a look at the great invention and masterpiece that has made life easy and convenient and taken out the human life from complexities.

History Of The Invention:

The invention of the blender was an incredible change across the globe. It was invented by polish American Mr. Stephen Poplawski in 1922. Originally, he belonged to Poland as he was born there in 1855. However, he and his family left Poland and shifted to the United States of America, and got settled in Racine.

blender history

Mr. Stephen Poplawski designed a machine with sharp spinning blades present at the base of the container along with an O-shaped ring that holds the container tightly. These spinning blades function to mix the food and other substances.

Arnold Electric Company

Arnold Electric Company developed the blender under $100 the patent number US 1480914. This machine was recognized as a blender in the United States of America. However, in Britain, it is known as a liquidizer. It consists of a container above sharp spinning blades. The sharp spinning blades are placed on an electric motor which drives the blades and causes them to rotate.

The main purpose to design the machine was to make soda fountain drinks. The invention of blenders has made life convenient. Due to its convenience, we can find it out in almost every kitchen.

But with the passage of time and the modernization of the world, there was a need to develop an advanced form of the blender.

However, this thought was eventually fulfilled by Roger Perrinjaquet. He patented the idea of an advanced form of blenders on March 6, 1950, in Switzerland.

He called these blenders Immersion Blenders (Hand Blenders). 

These blenders do not have any containers for the procession of food. In fact, it consists of a rod-like structure for easy grip and handling. Sharp blades are fixed at the end of the rod with a motor inside which helps to drive and rotate the sharp blades.

Final Thoughts:

The invention of blenders has made life easier than ever before. Now, we can’t imagine the baking and brewing industries without using any of the blenders.

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