Since several other facts have rolled out in the market, the curiosity and urge to bring a juicer home has increased among health-conscious people. And I believe, why not? Bringing a juicer to your home is a one-time investment and it cut downs many other expenses too! The only challenge is, which juicer to buy?

What is a Cold Press Juicer

Today I’d discuss cold press juicers, and explain what’s good enough, and not good enough that would help you make the right decission. 

What is Cold Press Juicer? Explained in Easiest Way! 

Extracting juice by blending a juicer is very old school. This era belongs to cold press juicers! This type of juicer uses a hydraulic press to squeeze out the juice from the ingredient (vegetable, and fruit), instead of making it go through sharp blades of screens. It takes time to extract maximum yield out of ingredients and is very slow. But the benefit is that the liquid doesn’t heat up, due to which the maximum of its nutrients is preserved. It doesn’t leave any foam on the top of the surface of the liquid and has the longest shelf life. 

How is Cold Press Juicer Different From Other Types of Juicers?

All other types of juicers work by passing the vegetables through fast-spinning blades, so the liquid is achieved and one can consume it. I apologise for hitting you with facts – but such juices, extracted out of fast-spinning blades are eye candies. They just produce the juice, without taking care of the nutrients, and vitamins of the ingredients. This is the reason why cold press juicers are the new normal in the aura of a healthy lifestyle. 

That’s not all. I still have a plethora of perks to share with my amazing health-conscious audience. 

Perks of Using a Cold Press Juicer

Perks of Using a Cold Press Juicer


This might sound repetitive, but it’s worth mentioning again, that cold press juicers are basically slow juicers, which takes a lot of time to churn out the juice. Hence the liquid isn’t exposed to any warmness or heat – resulting in preserved vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. It’s like giving a healthy treat to your stomach, every day! 


Producing a good amount of liquid is another thing, which I would discuss in the next point. But Cold Press Juicers have been known for not evaporating even the tiniest of liquid, which results in a high yield of the juice. The outcome that drips out of the outlet is maximum, and no other type of juicer can produce equal or more yield than this. 

Less Ingirdent – More Juice:

I experienced, that it requires lesser ingredients to be added, as compared to other types of juicers. This is another reason why cold press juicers are known for churning out a better quantity of juice in contrast to other types of juicers. 

Saves Cost in Long Run:

Okay, hold your horses – I know, the price tag that comes with Cold Press Juicer isn’t really “affordable”, but considering it for the long run, it is a great investment. It cuts down a lot of money required to spend at juice bars, and the cost of travelling to juice bars, even when you are unsure about the quality of the liquid. Moreover, since it requires fewer ingredients, you are going to save a lot of money in the end. 

Easy Way to Stay Healthy:

I am sure, 80% of us won’t deny that we are way too lazy to order a fresh glass of juice for ourselves, and they are reluctant when it comes to spending money daily. Since this way of consuming juices is affordable, and convenient at the same time, most of us are already motivated to stay healthy. 

Delicious Flavors:

Who said, being healthy means tasteless food and juice? Trust me, the juice produced by cold press juicers is the most delicious one. It has all the organic pulp, contains phytonutrients, and is extremely deep-coloured that encouraging you to consume a glass of fresh juice daily! And honestly, I have experienced it. Even the kale juice doesn’t feel so bad. 


Since I don’t live alone, hence I need to take care of people while they are sleeping in the morning. Cold press juicers work best in this situation. Being extremely silent, no one would even know that you are using a kitchen appliance at your home. 

There’s nothing that would come without demerits, right? So being honest with my readers, I’d share some reality checks so you can make the decision fairly. 

Reality Checks about Cold Press Juicers


Cold press juicers are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. I understand that the price cold press juicers come with can cost you an arm and leg. You would have to save for a good 7 to 8 months to purchase it. And since a healthy lifestyle is a long race, not everyone might stay motivated to enjoy complete value against the invested money. 

Reality Checks about Cold Press Juicers

Tiring to Clean:

Cleaning this type of juicer is leg work, trust me! If you do not own a dishwasher safe (that would be more expensive), be ready for tedious cleaning. And of course, you cannot compromise on cleaning the appliances. They have to be squeaky clean. 

Requires Patience:

Apart from requiring a hefty amount, these juicer requires patience. Just like the name defines “slow juicer”, they take a lot of time to squeeze out the juice from the ingredient and you need to stand there, patiently watching each drop tricking out of the nozzle. 

Not for Everyone:

If you are a bachelor or someone who just need to have a juice glass to post pictures on your social media feed – then this appliance isn’t your call. Why spend so much money, when you aren’t committed to a healthy life? 

Sum Up

I hope, this article is going to help you in getting familiar with what is a cold press juicer, how it works, why you should and shouldn’t use this appliance and other benefits of the appliance. I tried my best to compose maximum information in the article. Do let me know if this was helpful for you. 

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