So this article is about the Difference between Weber and Nexgrill. Hence both are Grills made by different companies and obviously with different products. There are many grills with various functions but nexgrill and weber are on leading. We will review the features and the differences between both and take a deep look at both of them and then recommend the best one to you all.

Design: Weber is much heavier and sturdier than Nexgrill. It is coated with poreclain iron grills that can get cleaned and have outstanding results. 


Weber Gas Grill



Price:  After construction and design the size of the grill also plays a role that depends on the price of the grill.  The price of Nexgrill is affordable than weber. Weber is much expensive.

Performance: There are burners in the grill and their output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The main burner will have 10,000  BTUs. In the performance , Weber wins because its burners are more powerful as compared to Nexgrill. Warranty: As we know weber gives upto 10 years warranty with all the products but Nexgrill has 10 years warranty for the system of burner and its quality is not higher than Weber.


Weber is a grill for steaks. Invented by George Stephen in 1952. He basically works in a company named Weber Brothers Metal Works . It was in Chicago. Firstly it was made in United States of America but now the newly models are made in China.

Best Weber series:

1. Electric: Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

It’s name was Q140 and now it’s 1400. The grill has great accomplishment also elegant styling with improvement of new aesthetics, including larger grip handle and control side handles .Weber Q1400 grills are captioned yet space rescue and it has benefits for the people that live where there are restrictions of  govern gas and charcoal grill usage. Power 1560 watts/120 volts.

2. Gas: Weber Spirit II E-310

It has iGrill compatibility. The spare 2 appears with the weber GS4 grilling system.

The Weber GS4 has 4 main component.

1.Infinity ignition


3.Flavor bars

4.Greese management system. 

These 4 components work together to make it efficient and reliable. The spirit 2 is compatible  with iGrill3 and a mobile  app  which is downloaded, connect your device to the iGrill app. It will alert a notification your mobile if the food is ready. Porcelain enamel iron cooking ranges retain heat and are easy to clean. A gas tank can be easy replaced after using, it also allows to see how much fuel is left.


Quickly heating.

Side tables.

6 tools inside.

10 year warranty.

Mobile App that will tell you if food is ready.

Fully assembled out of the box.

iGrill 3 compatibility.



Narrow grill.

Steal can be stainable if not cleaned.

Some secondary parts can be broken.


Nexgrill is a brand name called Nexgrill Industries. It manufactures kitchen products, stainless gas grills and indoor,outdoor hardware products. In 1993 Nexgrill industries were found in Chino,California. Some products are made in China , like cabinets , fire place, heaters and stainless steel grills. There are more than 9 factories in Shanghai and Dongguan ,China.

Best Nexgrill series:

1. NexGrill Deluxe 6-Burner Gas Grill with Searing Side Burner in Slate

This grill has six propane burners with LED lights. It has stainless steel equipments. One burner has 10,000 btu and six have 60,000 btu. It also has porcelain flames

2. Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner

It is made up of metal and coated with black texture. It contains two burners of 28000 btu. The thermometer contain 100 to 800 degree Fahrenheit.

Nexgrill make gas grills and cooking products with many pros


Stainless steel covered by silver and black surface.

One year warranty.


Infrared technology


Thermometer ability.

Light weighted of just 28 pounds.


Grill grates difficult to clean.

Small pan.

Screws can be loosen


Nexgrill and Weber both are good manufactureres but they may many differences , according to the differences regarding heat compatibility and stainless steel, it is concluded that Nexgrill is Best and more reliable than Weber. Total heat delivered by Nexgrill is 28,000 btu and Weber gives output of 26,500 btu. The steel gets stained in Weber but in Nexgrill is does not get stained. Both are Best for outdoor but Nexgrill is used for indoor and outdoor use too because it has many kitchen equipments. If you need a high quality grill and ready to pay more Weber is the best because of many pros that are explained.

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