Do you know that charcoal-grilled meat contains more carcinogens than gas grilled meat? It is scientifically proven that gas grills are best in terms of your health. They are also environmentally friendly with only one-third of their carbon footprint as compared to charcoal grills.

Without any doubt, a gas grill is convenient in use, offers quick start-up at the press of the ignition button and temperature control. Although expediency comes with a price, you can savor your journey with the taste of backyard quality food regardless of the adventurous place you are enjoying with the best gas grills and its benefits.


Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner



Weber is in the grilling business for so long with the plethora of best grills made a reputation for being extremely user friendly. Their grills are tempted mostly to the grilling aficionado due to great durability, top-notch grilling performance, and versatility in burner designs, readily available parts, and an affordable price.

Weber offers two main gas grill lines, and these are Weber Spirit and Weber Genesis. In this article, you will find a detailed feature comparison between the two best value grills: Weber Spirit E 310 Vs Weber Spirit E 330. So, that you can select the best model according to your family’s needs.

Weber Spirit E-310 Vs Weber Spirit E 330 – What Is the Big Difference?

Both of these Weber grills are innovatively designed and look alike to each other. But one of them is in the lead of other and great options for you. The two gas grills are fuelled by liquid propane gas and offer the same space for cooking. Yet, Weber Spirit E330 is a little bit more expensive than the Weber Spirit E310.So let’s find what are things that the Weber Spirit E330 owns more than the other.

Sear Station

It also owns 3 stainless steel burners with the ability of independent control through a separate knob for each burner. These burners collectively deliver 10,667 BTU’s of energy.

Weber gives sheer attention to the construction of the burners that provide excellent heat distribution and resistance to corrosion and built to last. They start with the push of a button due to their electronic crossover ignition system

The Winner of Sear Station Comparison Is E 330

Side Burner

This burner can be convertible to the built-in warming rack to warm food or toast buns to prep for burgers and another shelf on the right side to hold side dishes.

The Winner of Side Burner Comparison Is E 330


Besides the major differences between these models, there are a lot of features that both these Weber grill models have in common.

Cooking Grates

As the cast iron has high volumetric heat capacity means it conduct heat effectively and once it’s hot, it will hold that heat for a long time. This feature enables the grillers to achieve visible grill marks on the meat.

Such cooking grates deliver even grilling and serve you with the best-tasting food, without worrying about seasoning before the first use; the added enamel coating adds protection and ease of cleaning afterwards

The Winner of Ease of Use and Convenience Comparison Is E 330

Cook box with Built-in thermometers

Weber’s both grills have heavy duty and built to last Cook box with porcelain enameled lid that protects from rust or over time peal. The porcelain-coated lid also enables to effectively keep the internal temperature of the cooking box steady that you can easily be judged with the help of built-in thermometers on the outside of the lid.

So, that you don’t need to open the lid to check the temperature for your food and let any heat escape.  You can easily make sure that the temperatures inside the grill are not too hot to burn the food or not too cold for the food to be uncooked.

Ease of Assembly:

The two grill models require to be assembled and that is time-consuming. Whereas, they both come with an instructions manual that is clear and concise and can be followed easily.

Cooking space:

Both the unit offers a perfect and large enough cooking space of 529 square inches to host a BBQ party or even everyday family grilling steaks. These units can accommodate approximately 20 hamburger patties and long skewers for kabobs. Hence, they are well suited for a family of 3 to 6 persons.

Flavorizer bars:

Both Weber grill models feature flavorizer bars with a porcelain coating that perform exceptionally well in accumulating drippings and then soared to add smoky flavor to the food.

Fuel gauge:

One of the intelligent aspects of these grills is the inclusion of a built-in fuel gauge. This gauge eliminates the difficulty of uncomfortable contortions and lets you easily check the level of remaining liquid propane gas in the tank. It is printed with visible images that indicate the fullness of the tank. Whereas, you have to separately purchase the liquid propane gas tank. It does not come with the grill.

Grease management system:

As both units feature Weber’s flavorizer bars that are designed to sizzle when coming in contact with drippings. The resulting vapors enhance the flavor of the grilled food by circulating in the cooking box. And the unvaporized juices accumulate in a grease tray and the catch pan. This system avoids flares-up, can be easily cleaned with the help of a grill brush.


Both the Weber spirit grills have a cabinet with a single door, beneath the cooking box to place a standard 20 lb LP tank that stores propane gas and works well.


The Winner of Ease of Use and Convenience Comparison Is E 310

Overall Wining Ratio of E 310

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Overall Wining Ratio of E 330

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