If you are in search for a best method for cooking food so I will suggest that smoking food is the best choice. Smoke hollow is a brand that is creating outdoor grills and products from the past many years. They create grill of the best quality and with great heat output. It is affordable.

How to use a smoke hollow smoker:

Every smoker has its own functions and type of instructions that are given on its booklet, So you have to select the best one that suits you.

Following are the instructions.


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Now let the fire on and burn for 25-30 mins so that the smoker heats up properly.


Leave the tray empty until it heats up. After it heats ups add water or wood chunks.

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After it heats upto 200 degree Fahrenheit you may see the wood causing smoke while heating up.


Now put the food you want to cook. Close the doors


Leave it for 2 or 3 hours. Keep checking if the flame is burning.

The main and important thing is to check out the temperature. Do not start cooking until it reaches the desire temperature. Also do not open the door again and again. Keep checking the

Types Of Smokers

Now there are types of smokers , gas smokers and electricity smokers.

Gas smokers are the best and they look like a small refrigerator. They are mostly used by propane tank that is attached to it. Heat level of the burner is 10,000 BTUs. It is best for any weather. It has an indicator that you can set to heat it up. It has an porcelain coated bowl in which we add water.

Electric smokers have two types

A vertical electric smoker that works great in summers or in warm weather. They are inexpensive. In cold weather it can not maintain temperature. So it is best for warm days.

An Electric cabinet smoker is also a best choice because it has high temperature. It looks like a refrigerator. It has many functions and comes along a temperature guage so it is easy to keep look at it.


How To Control Smoke From A Smoker:

Try to use dry wood so that it has ability to catch fire properly and does not produce much smoke because of its moist. Never soak wood if you have to use electric smoker.

Lack of oxygen may cause smoke. The place where you set the smoker should be wide and  the exhaust should be wide open.

Make a bed of coals so they’ll maintain the temperature without creating extra smoke and prevent from spikes.

Meat Smoking Guide

It depends on the food type you are cooking. So you should check the time and food type on the booklet or by searching on the internet.

Food typeCooking timeSmoking temperatureTarget internal temperature
Poultry45 mins-1 hour225°-250°F165°F
Cow2 hours-5 hours200°-250°F160°-195°F
Sea Food45 mins- 1 hour200°-225°F145°F

These are some models of smoke hollow smoker:

All are best models of smoke hollow smokers. These are used widely across the world. Some are expensive and some are inexpensive; it depends on your choice.


Hope you all got it how to use a smoker well. I tried my best to explain it and the difference of gas and electric smoker. I do not think any thing is left. After the booklet you may be guided from here. Take out your meal and enjoy it. Once all this is done do not be panic because of the ashes , they are easy to clean.  Sit and enjoy! Happy meal!

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