If you are here, then probably you might be in search of a fine BBQ pellet grill because you cannot choose one out of the numerous brands that are accessible in the market, If yes then don’t worry because today your miserable mission might come to an end.

Green Mountain


Rec Tec

Today, in this article, we will be comparing the two known pellet grill brands that are Rec-Tec and Green Mountain (GMG) and we will see which pellet smokers out of the two would really appear exceptional in terms of performance and features.

Rec Tec vs. Green Mountain

Before comparing the features, specifications and looking at the pros and cons of both the brands, here is a brief description of both the brands and their products.

Rec Tec

The Pellet Grills or Smokers by Rec Tec have really changed the game of this particular industry since the time they have come into the market in the year 2009. These smokers have introduced a remarkable line of technologically progressive options for roasting.
Rec Tec continues to distribute pellet grills that contain hopper capability and sufficient space which is the reason they have earned a name in the household as an outstanding outdoor stainless steel cooking chamber design incorporated with advanced technology and is living up to it till date.
The Rec-Tec grills come with several features but one of its great features is the Wi-Pellet Wi-Fi technology which provides you the capacity to control the usage of
wood pellet by your grill and its dual-meat quests. This Rec-Tec feature enables the griller to modify the temperature of cooking power through any wireless appliance.
With the help of the usage of versatile functions of Rec Tec stainless steel cooking grills, it is easy to cook in numerous cooking styles apart from wood smoke, such as broiling, roasting, baking, etc.
The Rec-Tec smoker grill also comes with a setting to cook on low smoke that helps in promoting fuel efficiency and with an automatic shut down feature it can heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Rec Tec vs. Green Mountain: Specifications

After our research, we have found a few specifications that might be helpful for you to choose between the two known brands, we have mentioned below the specifications in bullets to make it easy for you

Rec Tec vs. Green Mountain: Pros and Cons

As we all know each and every brand, company or product has its own pros and cons. Not all things can be perfect in one particular brand or product, so the following mentioned are some pros and cons of the Rec-Tec and Green Mountain.

Rec Tec


Assembles Faster.

You can program it to within 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Incredible retention of heat.

Provides you the capability of Wi-Fi.

The design is quite alluring


Its Hopper is relatively huge for a portable grill.

Somewhat expensive

Green Mountain


The storage space is sufficient.

Compatibility of Wi-Fi.

Not too much expensive.

Portable and easy to work


More than a smoker, it works well as a grill.

Folding legs are on the delicate side

Rec Tec vs. Green Mountain: Standout Features

Now, this point is something where the competition actually starts. Following we have mentioned some standout features of both the brands to help you find out whether any of them has any individual feature that makes it superior to the other one.

Rec Tec Standout Features

  • It comes with Rollerblade-style wheels which makes it easier for you to stride the grill around the camping area or parking lot.
  • The Spill-proof bucket hook keeps the drip bucket in place while you are cooking
  • For night grilling it has an automatic lighting feature.
  • When you are done with cooking, the automatic shutdown feature helps in cooling down the grill.
  • The Stainless steel heat deflector is used for excellent control of temperature.

Green Mountain Standout Features

  • These come with bar-style folding legs that are used as handles when transferring the grill.
  • It can be plugged into any kind of 12-volt outlet as it has direct power capability

Rec Tec vs. Green Mountain: The Final Verdict / Conclusion

To Conclude in the end, here is the final comparison and then you can finally decide according to your own preference which one you want and fulfills your needs and demands.
We would recommend you to use the Rec Tec RT-340 If You require a lot of cooking space, Or if you desire to move the grill once it has been set up from place to place, Or if you prefer a larger hopper unit, Or if you want to use it as a home grill too.

On the contrary, we would recommend you to use the Green Mountain If You are on a budget, Or if you prefer a lightweight travel grill with a not so large hopper, Or if the maintenance of a grill is not your cup of tea.

And we are certain that you will be pleased by knowing that the green mountain grills have a remarkable five-star rating by customer service, which makes them a viable competitor in this Rec-Tec vs. Green Mountain grill competition.

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