If you like eating your ribs, brisket, or pork when they are perfectly smoked then we understand that you might not like them in any other way because no doubt, the smoking does some wonders to the meat that flavor of it changes completely. It gives you meat that is tender and juicy because of the extensive disclosure to the flavorful smoke at low heat.

In total there are not only two but several types of smokers from which we are going to discuss the best known two types in this article (Pellet Grill and Electric Smoker) and conclude which one is the best out of these two.

What is a Pellet Grill?

reheat prime rib

Pellet Grill is also known as pellet smoker. Pellet Grill is the latest type of smoker in demand.
Pellet Grills are the cookers used in places outside the house and it contains the components of kitchen ovens, charcoal smokers and gas grills.

Wood pellets are used to fuel the Pellet Grills and apart from doing both the tasks, grilling, and smoking, pellet grills can help you in baking with the help of an electronic control panel.

As the Pellet Grills work with the help of Electricity, it is completely a hands-off experience using a pellet grill. Almost like an oven, the setting of a digital or dial panel helps in maintaining the temperature. For keeping up to the required temperature, on the basis of the need for fuel, the motor adjusts its speed. This means for grilling, fewer pellets are needed for low and more pellets are needed for high temperatures. 

How do Pellet Grills Work?

We need to pour the wood pellets into the hopper (storage container). Then feed the pellets by an auger into the burn pot (a rotating device), this device is powered by electricity. When you drop more wood pellets into the burnt pot, then they ignite and cause a flame. The temperature controller controls the timing of this feed, which means the lower the setting, the more time it will take for the pellets to get fed into the burn pot and vice versa. The intake fans produce air throughout the smoker which blows smoke and heat.

What is an Electric Smoker?

Just like pellet grills, electric smokers are another type of forgetting bbq after setting. Electric Smokers depend on the heat from an electric component for the food to cook Rather than cooking it through the raw wood fire.

The element which is used for heating sits at the underside of an upright box. On top of this, there is a water pan that helps in keeping the meat moist and it also has a wood chip pan that helps in releasing the smoke throughout the cooking space when it is heated, which gives it a softwood-like flavor.

Electric smokers are of course electrically powered, they also sometimes regulate the temperature on their own so you just need to settle the meat in, fix the digital controller, or dial and wait. 

How do Electric Smokers Work?

Just like other smokers and pellet grills require being plugged into some kind of electrical course for gaining power, the electric smokers also require the same, but the difference is that electric smokers use that electricity for heating your food also.

Either the rheostat or the thermostat is used for controlling the electricity in these smokers. For good temperature control thermostat is used, and this is why the components with the thermostat are normally more costly. To heat up a coil and smoldering the wood, Both of these controls are used. The smoldered wood then delivers the smoke that gives flavor to your food

Pellet Grill VS Electric Smoker


Pros and Cons

Following are some pros and cons of pellet grill and electric smoker which hopefully would help you in choosing one from them.

Pellet Grill


Easy usage.

forget smoking after setting.

when well protected It is excellent for smoking in cooler temperatures.

Actual wood-fired flavor.

Some pellet grills can be used for smoking too.

Fuel efficient type of bbq.

Looks frigid.

Condo or apartment complexes where actual fires are not allowed can sometimes be used in these places.

Electric Smoker


Easy usage.

Forget smoking after setting.

when well protected It is excellent for smoking in cooler temperatures.


Condo or apartment complexes where actual fires are not allowed can sometimes be used in these places.

Considerable for nuts, cheese, bacon, and smoking fish where you want certainly low temperatures.

Vast cooking capability.

Space saver.

Excludes the necessity of cleaning up messy ash

Pellet Grill


Requires hooking for power to run.

Costly than the electric smokers.

Normally holds the insufficient amount of food than the electric smokers.

Most pellet grills can not produce a certainly powerful smoky flavor as you would get from an electric smoker.

Electric Smoker


Requires hooking for power to run.

Can not use it for grilling. 

Food doesn’t taste as good as the food tastes on a pellet smoker.

It does not build a smoke ring.

Requires some practice to prevent the meat from drying up and from the wood chips getting a good smoke level.


To conclude, we would say that both the products are good if you are health conscious. They do not use harmful fuels that can endanger and affect your health. But if you want to choose one from both, then after the comparison we have come to a conclusion that pellet grills are better than electric smokers.

No doubt, Electric smokers are nice when you prefer to regulate the cooking temperatures accurately and according to your needs and priorities. The minus point in electric smokers is that they do not give you the deeply flavored meat which we all love. 
Whereas the pellet grills provide you with all the yummy flavors you like. Also, the Pellet Grills help you in cooking your meat ideally. Overall, the pellet grills serve much nicer food than the electric smokers, but if you want your food recipes to cook at a quicker pace then the electric smokers are better.

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