Before buying any type of blender, we go to the market and search for different types of blenders to know which one is better and more convenient than others. When you are searching blenders for your smoothies and salad dressings, two main types of blenders are normally taken under consideration i.e. Nutri bullet blenders and Ninja blenders. These two brands are trusted and mentioned by almost everyone. Both blenders are very much similar to each other. Let us discuss both types of blenders.

Nutribullet blenders:

A Nutri blender is a tiny blender that is easily portable. It consists of a cup-shaped container on the base of the blades. This cup serves smoothies to almost 2. A Nutri bullet blender is not only used to make smoothies, instead, it can also help one to make salad dressings, sauces, and various cocktails and drinks. 

Like traditional blenders, they do not consist of any lid. Instead, they are directly fitted into the base of the blender. The simpler models of Nutri blenders have only one speed and no buttons so they are easy to operate. It consists of 6 sharp blades. When your smoothie or drink is ready, you can drink directly from the cup-shaped container of the Nutri blender. 

Various tests have proven that Nutri bullet blender produces very good smoothies. It easily blends the frozen fruit and vegetables. Nutri blenders can also blend the ice in the presence of liquid. However, one can not make juice by using Nutri bullet blenders. They are different from traditional blenders. A juicer extracts the liquid from the fruits leaving the pulp. As it converts the fruits and vegetables completely into liquids. The power of Nutri bullet blenders is 600 watts.


They are convenient to use

easy to clean.

They can blend any ingredient easily.

They last for the long term despite

using them on a daily basis.


Needs the replacement of

blades after few months.

Ninja Blenders:

Ninja blender is similar to the Nutri bullet blender. It is also a portable blender. It has a powerful motor of 900 watts which is excellent for the break down of various fruits and vegetables. Due to its sharp blades, it blends the constituents within seconds and the fruit and vegetables are converted into smoothies within no time. 

It is better than Nutri bullet blender in a way that it does not leak the substance from the container. So, there are no worries about the spilling of the smoothies. It is a bit difficult to clean. It consists of 4 sharp blades.

Pros of ninja pro blenders:


It has powerful blades

blend the fruits and vegetables quickly

even consistency.

made of solid materials that last long.

Very convenient to use.


Takes some time

Effort to blend the skin of fruits evenly.

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