The machine which is designed to mix or emulsify the substances is called a blender. A blender is sometimes referred to as a mixer or liquidizer. A countertop blender has a container in which the food is placed which is to be blended or mix. The blades of the blenders are sharp enough to blend or mix any solid food.


A countertop blender has the capacity of storing up to 2 liters of water. The containers of the countertop blends are made of different materials i.e. plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Because of their high weight, the blenders in glass blending containers are very massive and much more stable.

The glass containers enable us to keep an eye on the food blending inside the container. Some blenders have their containers made up of plastic. But they are not so reliable as they give the stinks of different foods blending inside. Steel blenders are favored for their appearance, but there are few demerits.

 It limits the visibility of the food blending or mixing inside the container. The foundation of the blender consists of an O-shaped rubber ring that protects the blending container and prevents leakage from combining food or mixing liquids inside. It’s quick to put these blenders on the kitchen counters, which is why they are also known as Counter Top Blenders.


An immersion blender is a device that is used to mix, chop and emulsify food. It’s often referred to as a stick blender, kitchen blender, micro blender, or wand blender because of its appearance. It is a kitchen blade grinder that blends or emulsifies food within a bowl or container in which it is being prepared On March 06, 1950, Roger Perrinjaquet invented the immersion blenders to facilitate human life. The immersion blenders used at the industrial level are referred to as boat motors 


An immersion blender does not have any container in which we can place the food. Instead, it consists of a long shaft that has rotating blades inside and enables the user to hold it from its shaft. Immersion blenders do not occupy much space and so it is different from countertop blenders. Immersion blenders do not have any container, so it also different from countertop blenders. 

     Immersion blenders are the advanced form of hand mixers as they have the ability to even chopping whereas hand mixers only mix the food and other substances. Immersion blenders may have wire or they may be available as wireless for household purposes. Precautions should be taken to avoid injuring any part of the body, particularly the fingers.

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