A grease fire is not like a regular fire, you cannot handle and put it out according the same way as you can adopt for your regular fire. A grease fire occurs when your cooking oil becomes too much hot and mostly beginners face this problem. It will happen on your kitchen stove, grill and, also in the oven. The main objective of grilling is to cook delicious and tasty food. 

Everybody wants to get their food tastier and more delicious, so grilling considered as most familiar way to bring more taste in your food. When you grill your food, sometimes you may face the problem of a grease fire, it becomes very dangerous for you and also for your surroundings if you cannot control it quickly. While grilling, the grill flares up, or grease fire happens quickly or often within some.

Mostly, the grill fire will occur when you are cooking on a charcoal or wood-fueled grill. Grill fire is just like high-intensity flames and when small flames get out of control, then it changes into grease fire. It happens when there is a build-up grease and carbon that create a serious grease fire.

Grills come with drip pans and trays that are located under its grids. Grease fire occurs when the drip pans are filled up and oil is reached to extremely high temperature. 

         Here is step by step guideline to get the idea of using grease fire on the grill. 

 How to put out a grease fire on the grill

    Read the following method thoroughly. This method would obviously helpful to you if you are beginner as well as this given method would increase your knowledge about grilling and how to put out a grease fire on the grill if you are already using a grease fire. 

Following are the steps.


Step 1

First of all, you just need to keep a fire extinguisher, gloves, and safety requirements near the grill all time.

Step 2

Make it quite sure that you are grilling at a safe place.

Step 3

Turn off the gas if the fire is in the grill.

Step 4

Whenever you get to know that fire is started you should cover the fire with a metal lid. After that just leave the lid on the pan of the grill for some hours to get the fire to cool down.

Step 5

After covering the grill pan with a metal lid just turn off the gas tank to stop the fire from spreading.

Step 6

When a grease fire starts in your grill, make it sure that you are not pouring water on a grease fire because water can spread the fire.

Step 7

Do not also use flour on a grease fire to put it out.

Step 8

It would be dangerous to stop fire using a cloth or we towel. So, avoid using any fabric because it can create mess at the surface of your grilling area and could spread fire as well.

Step 9

If you find that the grill starts to burn, turn off the gas and open the metal lid of the grill to burn off the fat.

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Step 11

In the end, you have to use the fire extinguisher at the base of the grease fire. If the grease fire becomes out of control then you have to call the fire emergency helpline. It is the last option which is used only when the fire goes out of control.
                    After discussing all steps to put out a grease fire, we also have important guidelines regarding the prevention of grease fire on the grill. By adopting these guidelines, you can easily prevent grease oil on the grill.   
Stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on the grill pan. Mostly grease fire occurs because of unattended cooking.
Heat up the cooking oil slowly at your desired temperature.
When you feel that grease is too hot then turn off the burner to get it cool.
Place your food in the grill carefully to prevent the hot grease fire.
When you know that there is a need to add more cooking oil, make it sure that oil is only added to the food, not to the grates of the grill.
Before putting your food into hot oil, make it sure that all types of moisture will be removed from the food, and also don’t put frozen food in hot oil.
Keep a metal lid near to you while cooking. In case of access heat you can easily prevent the grease fire to get out of control.
Also keep away flammables from the hot source and it included wooden utensils, dish towels, oven towels, etc. .


Grilling is keening interest to everyone now a days, but you also need to follow all these steps and safety tips to grill your food easily and safely without having any grease fire. All of our discussions will guide you a lot to put out or to prevent grease fire on the grill.

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