If you’ve been an active user on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, you must’ve noticed bountiful posts related to celery juice and how exceedingly healthful it is to our body. Literally, every celebrity, blogger, nutritionist, doctor, gym trainer, dietician, and YouTuber asks to try it but have you ever wondered about what is so special about it?

Why so many people are intrigued to try the #celeryjuicechallenge trend? What is the hype behind all of this and why everyone has been going so crazy behind a simple green juice? Of course, you must have, or otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this article about how to make celery juice in a blender medical medium. But before you go right on it, we’ll like to tell you some importance of celery juice and how it can be extremely beneficial for your body.

How to make celery juice

Importance of Green Juice and Why You Should Drink it Daily

Although most of these theories about celery aren’t scientifically proven, a lot of people have claimed that it works and thousands of people have already tried it and seen better results. According to the internet, Celery juice is:

High in nutrition:

Several nutritionists claim that celery is loaded with essential minerals like folate, potassium in addition to necessary vitamins like Vitamin K, C, B2. The luteolin found in celery not only protects our skin from inside but also prevents UV-induced damage to happen.

Helps in digestion:

Celery has hydrochloric acid which helps to digest fast and more effectively by breaking down food which is especially high in protein. As our body leaves us tired and sluggish when it’s fighting for more resources in order to digest food, celery juice help to vitally restore the depleted levels of gastric Magnus that is needed to heal and prevent heartburn in the lower chest area.

Fights Infection:

It contains powerful controlling antimicrobial properties that help prohibit bacterial growth and boost immunity naturally. It also reduces the pain caused by uric acid by decreasing joint and muscle pain and stimulate urine production. By enhancing your body’s entire immune system, it helps to battle against several dangerous bacterial infections within your digestive tract and reproductive organs like UTIs, bladders and kidney disorders, etc.

Lowers high blood pressure and high cholesterol:

Several scientific types of research show that celery also helps in lowering blood pressure by acting as a muscle relaxant, allowing blood vessels to expand and contract with ease. It reportedly has a compound called BuPh which causes lipid-lowering action by shortening bad cholesterol in our body. This is perfect enough to reduce weight as it breaks the fat build-up in the liver and creates enzymes that help flush toxins and waste out.

Protects from several diseases:

Celery is a miracle herbal remedy that has some astounding anti-oxidative properties. These properties protect our digestive system from cardiovascular diseases like jaundice, leaky gut, and constipation. Other than that, it keeps you secure from IBS, urinary tract obstruction, and rheumatic disorder too. It also helps in relieving insomnia and reduces both migraines and fatigue.

Making of Celery Juice:

In order to prepare the green juice, you wouldn’t require much effort as it can be made in less than 5 minutes. For this purpose, you will require either a juicer or a high-speed blender and a cheesecloth to extract the fiber and leave the juice for drink. We’ll go step by step below to teach you about how to make celery juice in a blender medical medium, First with blender then juicer:

Using blender:

  1. Grab one or two bunch of celery stalks. Gently wash the stalk in a colander so any dirt or dust left on it will be removed away.
  2. Cut off the top of the stalks as well as the base of it. After cutting both ends, trim up any attached extra stragglers and cut the celery into thirds.
  3. Add the chopped pieces in the blender and a quarter cup of water.
  4. Start blending it and use the tamper to press down the celery if it wouldn’t be touching the blades. The handle of the spatula might work as well.
  5. Take a clean nut milk bag or a cheesecloth and place it over the mouth of a cup. Make sure it to be large in size so it will be easier to pour the blended celery.
  6. Add all the celery juice from the blender to the cheesecloth. If you don’t have a cheesecloth then we also guide you on how to make celery juice in a blender without cheesecloth. Nut milk bags can be a good alternative to cheesecloth. By using your hand, pick the nut milk bag or cheesecloth and squeeze the celery juice out of it for approximately a couple of minutes.
  7. Serve the fresh juice right away. It can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Using a Juicer:

  1. Take one or two batches of celery stalks and gently wash them in a colander to remove off any dirt or dust from it.
  2. Make sure it is completely clean now then cut off both base and top of it. Remove any extra stragglers if they’re attached to it then cut them into thirds.
  3. Put the chopped pieces in the feeding tube of your juicer and add more than a half cup of water.
  4. In case if your juicer has a high and low setting, run it first on the low setting and then switch to the high setting.
  5. After running for a few minutes when it is done, take a large bowl or glass and wrap its mouth with a cheesecloth. As said before, if you don’t know how to make celery juice in a blender without cheesecloth then a nut milk bag can serve as a good alternative.
  6. Pour the celery juice in it and then squeeze the rest of the juice out. This process will hardly take around 2 minutes to complete properly so be patient.
  7. Serve the fresh juice immediately.

Useful Tips for Making Celery Juice

  • Instead of throwing the celery pulp away, you can actually use it as compost for your garden or add in a salad. The pulp is pure fiber and a great source of vitamins too. It can be served as a delicious fruiter if mixed with apple and cucumber.
  • If your stomach is sensitive and 16 ounces is not suitable according to your requirement then it’s better to start with a small amount and increase it over time. You can also drink it more than 16 ounces as several people love drinking it around 32 ounces.
  • Every morning, start with a fresh, plain celery juice with no additional ingredients. Celery juice is more of a medicine than a caloric drink so it’s better that way.
  • Celery juice vs Smoothie: Although smoothies can be better due to them retaining fiber directly from celery which helps your body process the sugar slowly, it is recommended to take juice instead. As your body wouldn’t need to worry about fiber, celery juice would work like an IV going into an empty stomach in one go and start working under 10 minutes. Moreover, taking regular meals will provide plenty of fiber to your body so its lacking of celery juice isn’t a big deal
  • If possible, use organic celery always as conventional celery contains harmful pesticides that can be harmful to you.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

How much celery juice is enough for one day?

16 ounces of celery juice is ideal for receiving health benefits. Moreover, it proves to be extremely beneficial for someone suffering from chronic illness or its symptoms if he increases his intake up to between 24 to 32 ounces a day.

How much celery for 16 ounces of green juice?

One large bunch of celery is required per 16-ounce glass

What is the best time to drink celery juice?               

Although it is recommended to drink it the first thing in the morning before breakfast, it is okay to drink it at any time of the day 15 to 30 minutes before or after eating something.

Is it okay to use non-organic celery?

If you don’t have organic celery then it’s preferable to use non-organic celery but assurance must be taken that you’ve washed the stock very well before making juice of it. Celeries are heavily treated with pesticides so you have to be cautious about it. Fragrance-free dish soap can be used followed by rinsing in water to remove any enduring pesticide. If you don’t have dish soap then rinsing in just warm water is a better alternative.

Can I eat celery instead of juicing it?

Yes, you can there is a catch! The reason why celery is recommended for juicing instead of eating because you can’t get all benefits out of it when consumed directly. You would have to eat one whole head of celery (9 to 12 stalks) in the morning which is already equal to 16 ounces when juiced.

Is it okay to freeze celery juice instead of drinking it right away?

Yes, it is definitely not harmful to freeze celery juice instead of serving it immediately after making it. But this is the last option and shouldn’t be always relied on because many medical qualities in it will be lost in the freezing process.

How to sweeten the taste of straight celery juice?

If you can’t stand the strong taste of celery then you can add one cucumber or apple along when juicing it to adjust the flavor. This will make the juice taste sweeter and addictive. As you’ll get used to it, increase the ratio of celery by time in order to get the most benefits out of it. However, it is better to drink it without mixing anything in it because many of its strong important qualities will lose during the process.

Can a healthy person drink celery juice?

Yes, it’s definitely okay to drink celery juice for a healthy person. However, celery works miraculously well when you are struggling with any physical ailment, allergy, or symptom. If you aren’t suffering from any of these then you might not notice much of a difference.

How long it takes before you see the results of celery juice?

Depending on what you’re dealing with as well as for how long you’ve been dealing with it, you’ll usually start feeling changes within 2 to 4 weeks.

Experiencing bloating after drinking?

It’s common to experience bloating after drinking celery juice because it speeds up the digestion process by promoting the liver to increase bile production and instantly strengthening the stomach’s hydrochloric acid production.

Can babies as well as children drink celery juice?

Sure. Celery juice is absolutely incredible for the health and development of the baby.

Can breastfeeding women drink celery juice?

Celery juice proves to be amazing for breastfeeding. It provides an abundant number of essential vitamins, minerals, and chemicals like sodium cluster salts for baby to develop healthy, strong organs. Celery juice also detoxifies breast milk and purify it so the baby can receive the cleanest form of milk possible.

Pain in the stomach after drinking celery juice?

This happens in such cases when stomach nerves are sensitive. In order to fight low-grade bacterial infections like E. Coli and Streptococcus, celery juice starts with cleaning the neurotoxins off the tiny nerve endings inside the stomach lining. This triggers a gentle but temporary pain as the bacteria dying off instantly prompts a spasm.

Can celery juice be used during pregnancy?

Yes, definitely. Since it’s important for a pregnant woman to stay hydrated as well as increase her nutrition intake so celery juice can prove to be a good source of vitamins like A, C, K, and minerals like folate and Riboflavin. Due to hormonal changes and other various factors, it is common to face constipation during pregnancy especially early in the early stage. Increasing your fiber intake to 25-30g per day is the best way to help with constipation during pregnancy. However, you’re better off eating celery as a whole instead of drinking it because all the fiber is discarded as a part of the pulp.


As we’re so used to chronic illnesses like sleeping problems, headaches, digestive issues, fatigues, anxiety, pain, and brain fog, we forget they’re all symptoms of chronic illness. In such a case, celery juice proves to be an amazing source to get rid of it and it isn’t just relevant to people who are dying from sickness. Millions of people have found celery juice to be genuinely healing – providing more stamina and energize them than ever, reversed chronic and acute conditions alike.

As we already discussed so much about its benefits, there are some experts who allegedly put their own spin on its recipe by adding different things in it like apple cider vinegar and other foods such as apple and lemon to it. Although it sweetens the taste and makes the juice less bitter, it dilutes some of its important qualities so it’s recommended to drink it straight instead of mixing flavors in it.

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