Mostly people have a question how long does ginger last. They get confused about where to place it or until when it will last. I used to think about how to reserve it but then got some ideas and gonna share it with you guys.

Ginger is a flowering plant and the root is used for many purposes as a folk medicine or as a spice. It is a living rhizome and has energy to grow later, as long as it doesn’t get wet. In air ginger lasts for 1 or 2 weeks maximum but in refrigerator it lasts for 2 months.

Ginger Lasts For

Shelf lifeIn FridgeIn Freezer
Chopped gingerA few days1 week2 or 3 months
Unchopped ginger1 week2 weeks3 to 4 weeks
Ginger Paste1 week2 weeks3 to 4 weeks

Ginger has thin skin so it can resist room temperature more than vegetables and fruits.

I’m gonna tell you easy ways to reserve ginger which can last for weeks or 2,3 months easily & if you want to buy a ginger juicer just go there and check out the amazing collection.

Following is one easiest way:

  • Take ginger.
  • Wipeout the mud and dirt from it.
  • Do not wash ginger before storing, this develops fungus and bacteria.
  • Remove the black damage or spots.

If you take the skin off , the freshness of ginger will not last longer:

  • Put ginger into a sealed jar or in a freezer bag and take out the air.
  • Then put it in the freezer of fridge.
  • If you want to chop it So following are the steps.
  • Cut ginger into your preferred size.
  • You don’t need to peel the skin off.
  • Chop it into small pieces.
  • Transfer ginger into a reasonable freezer bag, flatten it and press out the air.
  • Place it in the freezer.

In freezer it lasts more than in refrigerator:

So here’s another Method

  • Wash the ginger thoroughly.
  • Remove the peel.
  • Make ginger paste in a grinder.
  • Add it in a sealed jar and place it in the fridge.
  • It will last for 1 month.

If not to store in a fridge, you can place it in a cool dark pantry. 

Room temperature is a promising method if you will use the ginger in a few days or a week.


This information if helpful for people that bring vegetables, or any grocery and don’t how to store them. The easiest ways are given So you can choose the one as desired. No extra ingredient is used to store it. It is so easy. The table above will help you to select the best method.

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