Celery is found to be one of the most recurring major members of the Apiaceae family whose both plant and seeds provide an enormous number of important vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties. Parsley, carrots, celeriac, and parsley are also a part of this family. Celery seeds are comprised of quercetin and apigenin, chemical compounds that contain a mixture of herbs and spices.

Many people allege that after juicing it, it works like a magical IV going directly in our blood after being consumed and works like a charm in our body, diagnosing every single issue we’re having with it. According to these self-proclaimed nutritionists on their social media and other websites, this miracle herbal remedy has not only unreal anti-oxidative properties to fight terrifying kidney infections and regular blood pressure but it can also battle cancer compounds which can mutate rapidly by reducing their speed.

Origin of Trend:

What is more, to add is that the celery juice trend was originated by no one other than medical medium. Anthony Williams who likes to call himself the “originator of global celery movement” disclosed to the NEW YORK Post during his interview in 2019 that celery juice is “a powerful medicine that’s killing bugs in human bodies”. He has been preaching the green juice for the past 21 years and he also labeled it as the cure of “chronic and mystery illness”.

William gave out the statement that drinking celery juice, can battle an enormous amount of disorders which include blood pressure being high, cholesterol raised to maximum, and inflammation.  The alluring fact there is that neither is he a licensed doctor nor a health care practitioner.

He never even went to medical school or studied nutrition. But he rather relies on a spirit guide who gifted him this information on a phone call when he was only 4 years old. The anonymous phone call was his source that he called by the name of spirit and he would start writing down everything on the notepad the spirit said on the call.

He has been spreading his words to his family and friends ever since and now millions of followers have taken his advice in case if you count his Instagram followers. Many and many people including a ton of health and wellness influencers got inspiration from him.

Although experts declare that his assertions are unfounded, people still considered celery as a ‘superfood’ that can stimulate the production of stomach acid, aid digestion, purify the bloodstream, prevent headaches, calm down nerves, reduce blood pressure, stop migraines and clear up skin problems, etc.

Celery Juice Side Effects

Many such claims are not backed by any scientific evidence. In 2015, William published his first series of medical mediums which sparked interest in people and inspired many to try it. If you see William’s feed, you’ll notice that it is filled up with full of reposts of before and after shots from his followers who apparently insist that drinking celery juice helped to clear their acne or eczema.

They stated that celery juice works like an energy drink, improving your health level, leaving you less bloated by clearing the gray areas from the mind, relieving headache, fatigue, and even anxiety. Keep in mind that none of this is scientifically proven and based on any fact.

This is all made up to keep the trend reaching its height and made celery too much overrated. Things were going nice and slow until 2019 when celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert De Nero, Liv Tyler, Jenna Dewan, and several other stars and athletes had put their own spin on the trend and reported back.

This caused the popularity of celery juice to explode all of a sudden which was long awaiting to be blown over. Millions of fans touted the benefits of celery juice on their social media feeds and websites. People wrote articles on it, made blogs about it, and recommended it to their family and friends. Today, the celery juice hashtag alone has 260k posts siding with #celeryjuicebenefits having 66k posts and #celeryjuiceheals having 32k posts.

Allergic Side Effects:

Celery oil, as well as celery seeds, are possibly safe when consumed by mouth. It is also free of danger to eat it raw and uncooked in the amounts found in medicine for a short span of time. Howsoever some people are allergic to celery so consuming it can trigger terrifying allergic reactions all over the body from skin rashes to anaphylaxis.

Celery might also raise your chances of sensitivity from the sunlight as it contains a chemical called psoralen which is very reactive to the sun. This could cause sunburn, blistering or dangerous rashes on areas of skin exposed to sunlight. Emma Wedgeworth, consultant dermatologist, and British Skin Foundation spokesperson explained in one of her interviews that Celery is known to contain psoralens which are able to raise your skin’s sensitivity to UVA sunlight.

This UVA sunlight lowers inflammation of psoriasis so if you’ve planned to drink a lot of celery juice and sit in the sun then there may be a reaction in the skin. She also stated that whilst UVA might be able to reduce psoriasis inflammation, it can also increase skin aging and the risk of skin cancers. Now we can understand that while celery might work to remove acne and other dirt from your face, it can also be dangerous when it provokes skin cells to alarming bacterial reactions.

Dangers of Consumption During Pregnancy:

Although many social gurus push the theory that celery incredibly helps with constipation in the early stage of pregnancy and avails enough vitamins and minerals required for the body, it is very unsafe unprofessional to consume a large amount of it during pregnancy because it might break the uterus and cause a miscarriage.

It is also forbidden to drink it for breast-feeding as there isn’t enough reliable information that helps to push the theory forward that it helps keep your body fully hydrated and flourish toxins out. It might even reduce the production of breast milk in the body. There are also concerns that it increases risks of bleeding in women leading to bleeding disorder so serious precautions have to be taken before its consumption.

Celery Juice Side Effects Gas:

Celery juice’s side effects include gaseous conditions. Although celery is low in sugar, it is worth noting that when celery juice is consumed along with its pulp, it makes your stomach gassy. This is due to the fermentation as when sugar is being catabolized down to simpler substances, gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen release. Depending on your consumption of celery, it will produce much carbon dioxide and hydrogen as gas resultants from fermentation resulting in flatulence.

Celery Juice Side Effects Diarrhea:

It might be easy to assume that celery juice can help aid in digestion when taken on an empty stomach while in reality, it doesn’t do that much and nor works like a magic potion. Rachael Hartley who is a certified intuitive eating counselor as well as a registered licensed dietitian told Insider that mostly, all of the digestive health claims she found cited a rat study that was done using celery extract in order to treat gastric ulcers.

She said that there currently isn’t any research that supports the idea that drinking celery juice helps with digestion in humans. Even regular consumption of the green drink can’t change our digestive tract but adding different vegetables will be able to do so. Many people reportedly also claimed that celery juice caused them to loose stools for several weeks or even months! It leads to diarrhea for days and adds stress to the stomach with loud noises.

Lacks in Fiber:

Like many vegetables, celery also strips away its pulp after juicing it. We leave the pulp either to compose in plant or throw it away in the trashcan. This pulp is built of pure fiber which is just as important as the juice itself. Lacking fiber leads to a longer time to digest, irregular bowel movements, loose stools, and can also cause stomach pain. You’ve to be dependent on other foods too in order to complete your fiber intake. This can also affect people negatively who are on anticoagulant drugs as its high vitamin K content can influence blood clotting and lead to irritable bowel syndrome.

Celery juice side effects bloating:

It has been seen that celery juice can cause detox effects after consumption and many people have complained that they face more bloating than before after daily consumption of the green monster. While it is true that our body is busy purging toxin out of the body and doing cleansing, which is a good thing, the more toxic buildup our body has, the more heavy metals there are from antibiotics residues to pharmaceuticals you took, this will create a more toxic environment down in your gut bringing out all those toxins in the main bloodstream.

This can make the matter even worse than before which can make your body vulnerable to harmful treatment and immediate medical checkups. Our body is already made to cleanse itself of the toxins that we consume so trying celery juice just further wastes both values of time and money.

Celery Juice Side Effects Stomach:

After celery consumption, we start feeling more tension down in the gut like an irregular bowel movement, losing stool, and painful stomach causing diarrhea. This is due to the increase in bile production in your liver due to the rise in HCL, killing of pathogens, and dissolving bacteria.

When your body doesn’t have sufficient HCL then the food starts rattling in the gut creating an inflammatory reaction by breaking off rancid fat from the bottom of the stomach. All the mucus built up on your intestinal lining comes out which is really sensitive causing intense pain and pressure.

Celery Juice Side Effects Headache:

When you start consuming celery juice, it can cause really powerful headaches and make you fatigue. This happens due to the measurable effect on your blood pressure after being dropped to a few points. In spite of celery being 96 percent water, drinking it each day might help with constipation but don’t be fooled, it’s the water and not the celery juice.

Instead of drinking straight celery juice, you can blend raw celery into smoothies along with other veggies and fruit and incorporate it into omelets since it is very low in protein. As this gastric juice is excessive in all forms of peptic ulcer, a proper diet should be necessary for the suppression of secretion which always results in a bad headache.

Celery Juice Side Effects Nausea:

The anxiousness that we feel often in the stomach before vomiting is known as nausea. Celery juice is known to purge heavy toxins and bacteria out of our bodies. However, it might increase the probability of forceful discharge of stomach contents. This throw-up can be severe as it is caused due to juice strong cleansing inside your body. As result, an immediate diagnosis might be required and guidance can be taken from a doctor who can prescribe antiemetic drugs for vomiting accordingly.

Celery Juice Side Effects Kidney:

Celery juice contains oxalates which are organic compounds. They have the ability to bind with calcium during digestion in the stomach and intestine which will further effects kidneys directly. This often occurs in the colon, which can take place in the kidneys or other parts of the urinary tract. After binding, it can form compounds like calcium oxalate and iron oxalate, which can cause illness and leave the body to stool.

It is even more dangerous when an individual is suffering from kidney stones and gallstones in such a condition celery juice side effect the kidney severely. If there is oxalate in high quantity, these oxalate fragments can form crystals which can raise the number of kidney stones.

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