A juicer is probably one of the basic needs of life nowadays. Why? Because Fresh Juices are something you can have daily, and it helps to boost your immune system, provide your body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. 

Now for making these fresh juices at home, you need a really good juicer too! So what better than the Breville juicer? Breville is one of the leading Australian brands for home and kitchen appliances, founded in Sydney in 1932. 

Breville juicer is considered the best juicer for home use. It just does not make juice but crushes and squeezes the ingredients for making more juice with more nutrients and fiber for the thick and smooth texture of your juice. Apart from this, it is really easy to use a juicer once you learn how to operate it.

How to use Breville Juicer?

To produce high nutritional content, you need to learn how to use a juicer, specifically the Breville juicer. So here we are with the proper guidance for you so that you can operate the juicer without any difficulty. Following are the steps:

Steps To follow:

1. Assemble Properly: For starting the juicing process, you need to make sure that every part is connected properly, and there is no chance for any undeserved accidents to occur.

2. Adding Ingredients: Cut your Fruits/Vegetables into half if you want and then add them into the tube one by one.

3. Switching on: Now, switch on your juicer so the motor runs and you can start juicing.

4. Pushing into centrifugal blades: To get the juice in maximum quantity, use the pusher and push your fruits/vegetables into the centrifugal blades, which will certainly get you the best quantity of your juice. 

5. Speed: The usage of correct speed is important; select the speed according to the ingredients you want to make juice with. 

6. Switching off: The Breville juicer removes the pulp from the juicer on its own and throws it in the grey bin while the juice is handled to the jug. Once this whole process is done, this means the juicing process is done, and you need to switch off your juicer. 

7. Serving: Pour the juice into a glass and drink it or serve it. Try drinking when it’s fresh for the nutrients to not lose its significance.

Above mentioned is the how-to guide for using the Breville Juicer. Now here are some essential points you should know if you are a Breville juicer user.

Some Essential Points

Avoid using frozen fruits/vegetables. 

Tough fruits should be prepared first; try chopping the first. This can help to safeguard the life of your juicer.

If you are using fruit or vegetable consisting of seeds, stems, leaves, etc., remove them because they can damage your machine.

Make sure you Clean your fruits or vegetables thoroughly before making juice of it.

Mostly soft fruits and vegetables require low speed, whereas hard/tough fruits and vegetables require high speed. Fix the speed according to the requirements of your juice.

For avoiding the damage to your juicer, push your fruits or vegetables gently into the juicer. Do not apply too much pressure.

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