Have you ever wondered what it would be like to blend without a blender? One of the essential items of our kitchen is a blender because almost all of the dishes include chopped ingredients. But things don’t always work the way you want them to be, and what will you do if you did not have your blender at hand? You are not going to stop making your favorite food just because a blender is missing.

What we are missing here is that the blenders, choppers, and shredders were only introduced a couple of decades ago. People before this time used to blend and chop things just fine, by just using different tools and methods. We are going to discuss some of these methods, so you do not have to worry because when your blender is not functioning.

Tools needed

There are a few different tools you can use as a replacement for a powerful stirring machine, such as Rolling pins, a whisk, potato mashers, mortar and pestle, spatulas, large spoons, box grating, and even a fork. The type of result you want determines the tool you use for blending or even a combination of these tools. 

  • If you want to shred or grate the ingredient 

If you want your ingredient to be shredded, a box grater is one of the best options to get the desired result. It is because you can have options in the size of grating, varying from coarse to the fine grating. 

Another option for getting your ingredient finely grated is a zester as it creates fine strips of the ingredient you are zesting. Then you can shred the strips to the size you want using a knife.

  • If you want to crush the ingredient

The first thing you can use is a rolling pin and a plastic storage bag for food. What you have to do is seal the ingredient to be crushed in the storage bag and place it on a solid surface. Now start lightly hammering it with the rolling pin and after some time start rolling on it until the desired consistency is achieved. 

The next tool we can use is a potato masher to crush the ingredient. You just need to put the ingredient in the potato masher and press it as it comes out through the holes, giving it a puree-like texture. 

Another tool we can use to crush our ingredients is by using a mortar and pestle. You just need to for the ingredient a little and then put it in the mortar. Then you crush the ingredient using the pestle by hammering with it or doing a circular motion with it until the desired consistency is achieved. 

  • If you want to grind or mince the ingredient. 

For this purpose, you might need a meat grinder, either electric or manual. This has a set of blades fit inside its structure that in the end push the ingredient through the holes of a plate fixed at the end, while completely grinding the ingredient.

You can use a whisk or fork when the ingredient is soft and wet, like raspberries or bananas. If you have electricity and other Blender like appliances like a Food processor, stand mixer, hand mixer available, then you can use these appliances as a replacement for the blender, depending upon your desired result. You might not get the same result as with the blender, but these appliances can be used for pureeing or blending the ingredients just fine. Now when someone asks you how to blend without a blender after reading this article, you actually have a few tricks up your sleeve!

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