Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Kids

Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

The basketball court is the most favorite place for most kids and young adults. But this is also a fact that basketball players also face many foot injuries in the same favorite place. And kids have this problem more than adults and professional basketball players. Therefore, the best kids Basketball shoes are the best solution for this injurious problem. 

So, if you have a kid as a Basketball player then Basketball shoes can be the best companion for your kid in the basketball court. Moreover, basketball shoes are different from ordinary shoes. In fact, these shoes must have some specific qualities like anti-slip sole, breathable material, easy slip-on and should be durable. 

Among all, there are many girls’ basketball shoes and boys basketball shoes in the market. And to find a good basketball shoe pair from this heap of the market is a little bit difficult. We understand the hustle of finding proper fitting shoes with a crusty sole that assure safety and scream fashion at the same time. Don’t worry, to make your research and choice easier. We have reviewed and narrowed down some of the best basketball shoes for kids.

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10 best Kids Basketball Shoes

Best kids Basketball shoes
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1. Santiro Kids Sneakers

Santiro Kids Sneakers are designed according to the needs of an athlete as best basketball sneakers. They are not just best for basketball but also for running, jogging, exercising, hiking, or even just for walking. In addition, one of the highlights of these sneakers is that they are available for both boys and girls. Santiro offers 18 sizes in the market from toddlers to teenagers. Additionally, shoes are available in both slip-on or Velcro buckle designs in more than 20 solid colors combination.

Fashionable and Easy Slip-On shoes

Santiro sneakers designs fit perfectly on the phrase, "Walking in fashion." They are fashionable. Most importantly, it offers slip-on sneakers with an elastic-like rim that custom-fit onto your kid's ankles. Indeed, the wide range of colors in these sneakers will leave your kid wowed.

Breathable material

The shoes are composed of two meshes. One, the outer mesh is made from a synthetic, breathable, and elastic material. In particular, the material has a beautiful knitted design that just not pleasing to the eyes but also gives strength to the shoes. 

Second, the inside of shoes has another breathable mesh that prevents feet from building up the moisture. Therefore, the bad odors will not last long inside the shoes.

Anti-slip Sole

The company has made the outer sole with durable MD plastic. It provides the kids with enough buffer between the ground and the feet. The thick sole helps debris and dirt from sticking on. Moreover, the thick pattern at the bottom of the sole makes it slip-resistant and provides mobility and flexibility.

  • Light-weight
  • Elastic knitted outer mesh
  • Breathable inner mesh
  • Soft MD midsole
  • Thick outer sole than standard sneakers

2. Nerteo Sneakers

nerteo Toddler Little Kid Boys Girls Shoes Running.

Nerteo Sneakers are one of the best choices for little athletes. The breathable outer mesh with a secure and adjustable loop makes it perfect for outdoor sports, even on a hot sunny day. The variety of colors matches perfectly with the personalities of both boys and girls. Indeed, these are one of the right choices as best basketball shoes for girls, especially.

Design and colors

Nerteo sneakers provide comfort with the best designs. The Velcro design with adjustable hook and loop offers a tight grip of the shoes around the feet. Moreover, the sneakers' outer material is made from engineered knit elastic mesh that ensures the shoes' breathability. The sneakers are so light-weight that your kids can play for long without any fatigue. The inner lining keeps the feet dry. Hence, it avoids the chances of smell or sweaty odor. 

These sneakers are available in seven color combinations with white and black soles. Moreover, 13 sizes are available from toddlers to little kids. These are also good basketball shoes for girls. 

Durable outsole

The outsole is made from durable yet flexible and anti-skid rubber, making it perfect for traction. The grip of the sole is strong enough to assure safety during running, jumping and even walking

Moreover, one of the highlights of these sneakers is that they can are washable, even in the washing machine. The outer material and the sole is so flexible that it can resist the hard-wash.

  • Adjustable hook and loop
  • Washing Machine safe
  • Breathable mesh
  • Light-weight
  • Don’t offer sturdy ankle support

3. AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe

AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe

AND1 are one of the light-weight and highly durable option available in the market for young athletes from 4 years to 12 years old. There are 13 sizes available in 13 eye-catching color combinations. Indeed, these shoes are designed for superior comfort with a match of high performance at the court or field. And these shoes are also good basketball shoes for boys. 

Moreover, One of the highlights of these shoes is that they are so light-weight and have excellent ankle support that feet don't experience any fatigue during long practices and the game.

EVA midsole with Tight-grip outsole

The EVA midsole with cushioned footbeds helps protect you from any shock and provides incredible comfort without compromising on the user's performance. Moreover, the outsole is flexible and has a tight grip that is good enough for slippery or uneven surfaces.

All-new fit Technology

The structure and material of the boot are well-considered. It is perfect for kids with custom-fit issues. The boot's construction reshapes itself according to the foot anatomy. For instance, enabling easy workability throughout the day without any foot problems.

  • Comfortable
  • Good grip
  • Good ankle support
  • Not waterproof

4. Nike Kids' Team Hustle D9 Sneaker

Nike Kids' Team Hustle D 9

Nike is one of the leading brands in the market. There Kids' Team Hustle D9 Sneakers are most demanded sneakers for 8 to 12 years boys and girls. The shoes are not just light-weight but and flexible enough to support the user during running, jumping, and slam dunks. In addition, these sneakers are available in 8 sizes and eight attractive and stylish designs and color combinations.


Nike Kids' Team Hustle D9 Sneaker had 100% leather outer covering. The leather is not just eye-catching but also durable. The shoes, overall, lined with synthetic and Foam-backed mesh to comfort the foot. The synthetic yet thin outsole has a traction pattern to provide grip.

Foot and Ankle-support

The sneakers are designed by considering all of the safety features from injuries. The shaft of the shoe measures up to mid-top from the touch arch. The purpose of this high shaft is to provide ankle support to avoid any sprain in the ankle. Moreover, the midfoot strap with hook and loop is adjustable and locks to secure the feet in place.

Toe to Heel cushioning

The light-weight midsole is in-lined with foam from the toe area to heel to provide comfort. The cushioning reduces the chance of blisters after wearing them for an entire day of practice or game. In short, they are very comfortable in the long run.

  • Toe-to-Heel cushioning
  • Adjustable Midfoot lock strap
  • Flexible
  • Lined with Foam-backed mesh
  • Not waterproof

5. Under Armour Kids' Pre School Jet 2018 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Kids' Pre School

Under Armour has provided durability by introducing their handmade Jet 2018 basketball shoes for 4 to 8 years old sports enthusiastic. These shoes are made from high-quality synthetic leather and textile. Apart from durability, it also increases breathability. Indeed these are one of the comfortable pairs for our young athlete. 

One of the product's highlights is that they have provided separate size charts, keeping in mind the difference between foot structure and delicacy of girls and boys. As with 13 stylish color combinations and design, these shoes are for both of the genders.


The shoes' inside are embedded with cushioning for comfort and Ventilated mesh to provide breathability. The ankle collar has enhanced cushioning around that helps to provide ankle support. Moreover, the footbed has EVA sock liner.

Lock-in Foot support

The shoes are constructed with a molded heel for the feet to lock-in the shoes to provide support and better fit. Moreover, the ankle shaft approximately measures to mid-top from the arch.

EVA midsole and outsole

EVA midsole has a compressional design that makes shoe light-weight. The outsole is made from strong rubber. In other words, it is very durable and has a unique pattern for traction to provide maximum grip and sudden lateral movement during the game and practice.

  • Comfortable ankle collar
  • EVA Sock-liner footbed
  • Lined with ventilated mesh
  • Light-weight
  • Laces may need replacement

6. JMFCHI Kid's Basketball Shoes

JMFCHI Kid's Basketball Shoes High

JMFCHI kid's basketball shoes are high-quality shoes with smooth upper leather. Although they are highly affordable, their leather finish is so stylish that they not just give a fantastic sense of fashion about durability also. 

Furthermore, it's hard to find waterproof basketball shoes for kids, but JMFCHI has solved the problem. These shoes are not just waterproof, but with good anti-slip traction pattern under the shoes, they resist entirely against slippery and uneven surfaces.

Material and design

The smooth upper leather is one of the highlights of the shoes. The use of high-quality leather gives the shoes a long workability span, and it makes them very easy to clean as well. 

The high top sneaker design does not just look good but also helps to give ankle support to avoid any injuries. In addition to basketball, they are recommended for jogging, exercising, traveling, running, and any other outdoor activities.

JMFCHI Kid's Basketball Shoes are available for 4 to 12 years old girls and boys. It comes in 9 different colors and designs. In other words, they are not too flashy yet attention grabber.

Insole, toe, and outsole

JMFCHI shoes are designed to understand the critical points of safety for the kids. That's why they have constructed the shoes with soft insole for comfortability and perfect fit. 

The toe is a bit wider than the average width of a standard boot to increase comfort and breathability. On the other hand, one advantage of the wider toe is that it helps improve balance towards the base during dunks.

Moreover, The outsole is made from rubber, which is durable and has anti-slip traction making it best shoes for little kids by reducing the chances of injuries during the game or practice.

  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Molded Heel shield
  • Wide toe to improve breathability
  • Pattern ask cleaning

7. Nike Kids' Team Hustle D 8 Basketball Shoes

Nike Kids' Team Hustle

Nike Kids' Team Hustle D 8 Basketball Shoes is another excellent addition to their Team Hustle series. These basketball shoes are made for kids from 4 to 8 years old, with the size variation for kids with wide feet structure as well.

Overall, the construction of the shoes is very durable. The outside of the shoes is made from imported leather and synthetic with laces and velcro straps.

In-lined mesh

The inside of these Nike Kids' Team Hustle D 8 Sneakers are lined with soft foam-backed mesh to provide comfort without any fatigue. The foam mesh also helps keep the feet dry and gives a fit and secure cover.

Cushioning and support

The shaft of the shoes approximately lengths up to mid-top from the arch. The midfoot strap with hook and loop locks the feet in place and can be loosened and tighten to ensure the comfort and usability of the shoes during different sports.

Flexible midsole and outsole

The thin rubber outsole is perfect for uneven surfaces. The anti-slip pattern beneath the sole helps the user to have a firm grip on the field or court. In addition, The midsole has foam in the toe area and stretches towards the heel to provide cushioning.

  • Secure laces
  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Hook and loop strap locks
  • Velcro ask cleaning

8. Nike Boys' Air Force 1 Trainers

Nike Boys' Air Force 1 Trainers

These are the Nike high top basketball shoes. The Nike Air Force trainers are the durable and robust choice for kids that look for simplicity. The sneakers are made in the USA and imported as well. The quality of the leather and synthetic material used in the making of these shoes is fantastic. Overall, they have become one of the hottest choices for 4 to 12 years old kids. Although they have launched these shoes for boys in the market, girls can also use them. Selecting size can be tricky for girls. 


The sneakers have smooth and durable leather, overall. They come in only two colors, black and white, with simple yet attractive design. Since, they are available in just two colors, the leather used is not overworked. That's why leather provides durability in prolonged use.

The inside of the shoes has soft and comfortable textile foam. It provides comfortable wearing and proper fitting around the feet, making it even more secure.

Gum rubber outsole

The outer strong rubber gum provides excellent support to feet against the uneven and rough surface of the court or any other field. The maximum grip helps the kid to jump, run, and dunk without worrying about any injuries, indeed.

  • Good grip
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Gets dirty easily

9. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for breathability with a unique and attractive design, Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes is one of the market options. On the contrast of the given price point, they are glamourous with fantastic workability for basketball shoes. 

Design and Breathability

The shoes are constructed with PU high strength fabric with perforation mesh. The perforation mesh provides ventilation. In addition, it keeps feet dry from sweating and reduces the chance of unpleasant sweaty odor during exercising, practice, and game.

The shoes are the perfect choice for 8 to 12 years old and are available in 9 beautiful and attractive color combinations and designs.

Tight grip

The thick, one-piece rubber sole of the outsole is designed with beautiful patterns. It is strong enough to support the weight of the user according to the traction area. Also, The traction pattern doesn't let dirt and debris to stuck on the shoes, making them best.  

Molded heel shield

The shoes' internal structure is designed with a molded heel shield that helps keep the foot in the right place during the lateral and sudden movement.

  • Good and tight grip
  • Perforation mesh
  • Molded heel shield
  • Attractive design
  • sole is thicker

10. WETIKE Kid's Basketball Shoes

WETIKE Kid's Basketball Shoes

WETIKE Kid's Basketball Shoes is yet another fashionable choice for our little athletics that want to look good while enjoying it. The ergonomic design is one of the highlights of the shoes. Moreover, it provides a high shaft from mid-top from the mid arch of the shoes.

These basketball shoes are available for 4 to 12 years old kids. Although the different variations of colors and designs are perfect for satisfying the taste and sense of fashion for both boys and girls.


The upper of the shoes have smooth leather and quarter panels of mesh. The purpose of using mesh is to increase the breathability of the shoes. Also, It helps to keep the feet dry, too, from sweating.

The light-weight middle leather tongue of the shoes lies over the foot and locks the foot in place and offers stability. It adds durability to work power, also.

Flexible and comfortable cushioning

The shoes have sock-liner inside that comforts the feet in side to side movement all day long. The flexible mesh ensures the feet fit perfectly in the shoes and allowing vigorous and sudden movements. Of course, it is the best choice for basketball, jogging, running, traveling, exercising, and outdoor sports, even for casual wear.

Solid midsole and outsole

The high elastic rubber outsole allows shoes to adjust according to the ground for more stability. It helps in ensuring safety during movement on slippery or uneven surfaces. Moreover, herringbone traction pattern and all-new fit technology reduce the risks and provide exceptional control and grip on the wooden or concrete court.

  • Breathable mesh
  • Foot lock technology
  • Flexible sole
  • Need cleaning
  • Lace may need to replace

Buyers Guide: What to look for when buying the Best kids’ Basketball Shoes:

When it comes to the kids, the parent always thrives for the perfect, convenient, and safest option available on the market, especially when it comes to sportswear. Basketball is one of the most indulging and popular games among the kids, and our little athletics is very enthusiastic about it. Of course, quick movement and practice is the requirement of the game, putting the pressure towards the skills and of course, the best accessories including shoes.

Although Basketball is usually played in courts either made of wooden if indoor or concrete if outdoor. Both of the materials have their properties, but the shoes you want to choose should work on both. Shoes should support quick movements and ensure safety, as well.

 Following are critical points to consider before buying the best basketball shoes for your young ones: 

Budget and Price range

It is essential to know that a decent pair of basketball shoes can easily cost from $25 to $200. We recommended you to set the budget and look for the options within the budget. In this way, you will save lots of time. Also, do keep in mind that if the budget exceeds by a few dollars, it is ok. Quality and safety should be your priority to appreciate your kids' passion.

Structure and material

The durability of the shoes depends on the structure and material used in the production of the shoes. High-quality leather with perforation mesh is highly recommended than all-leather shoes because it increases breathability and comfort and gives a flexible body to the shoes since basketball players need mobility.


Comfort is one of the most crucial points to consider while buying the best basketball shoes for youngsters. Moreover, if the kids are comfortable in the shoes, their performance and skills will stand out. We recommend you look for cushioning from toe to heel and sides too. 

Although, There are two types of cushioning available in shoes, air, and foam. Both work fine, but the response will depend on the child's comfort.

Shoe size and fitting

Shoes that come in the market are all generalized in sizing. Everyone has their foot anatomy, but the kids with wide feet struggle a lot. Although, the major companies like Nike have been considering such pressure point and try their best to create a wide range of shoes that fits perfectly.

All-new fit technology can let the shoes form their shape according to the feet and provide a secure fit. If you can't find the perfect fit in the required shoes, on the contrary, buy a size half-inch bigger. It will allow room for feet and shoes to adjust accordingly.

Also, remember that the size of boys is different than the size of girls. Of course, girls can buy boys' shoes, but choosing a size can be tricky. In spite of choosing the shoes by standard size, we recommended you to measure the feet and then to select sizes.


It is essential to look for the durability of the shoes. Shoes are the best companion of the kids during the games. Furthermore, it would be heartbreaking and embarrassing to see the shoes coming apart in the middle of the game for you and the kid as well.

Durability ensures the safety of the child as well. ecWe r It is recommended to look for synthetic leather built for a long-lasting pair of shoes. However, It might be a little over budget, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Sole and safety

The traction pattern shows the grip of the shoes over the slippery and uneven surfaces. Although different fields need different traction structures. After understanding the court your child will be playing on, and you can look for a specific pick for work diligent. Besides, it will help you save your kid from many severe injuries.

We recommend you buying shoes with one solid piece outer sole made from thick outsole and thin. The rubber sole is perfect for its durability and flexibility. Flexibility is essential for the sudden movement, running, and jumping where thickness and traction pattern will ensure safe landing every time. 

If you think of a thin outer sole, keeping in mind the element of fashion, then it is ok too. As long as it has a tight grip over the surface, it will work great, surely.


Kids are very conscious about the style these days, and They should be. Of course, excellent style and design are not just attractive for people to take notice but also boost the confidence of the person wearing them.

Finally, keep in mind the outer beauty will not define the actual capacity and workability of the shoes. We suggest you look for the specification and then narrow down the option with all of the potential properties and excellent and stylish designs.


What are the best basketball shoes for kids?

We recommend “Santiro Kids Sneakers” for kids for pre-scholars to even teenagers. These shoes are stylish, comfortable, and durable. The traction and breathability of these shoes are unbelievably excellent, not for sports only but also for casual use.

Do kids need basketball shoes?

Yes, Basketball shoes are made keeping in mind the requirement and the support the child might need. They are comfortable yet ensures the safety of the child. It helps to improve the performance and skills of the gaming field or court.

What should I look for when buying basketball shoes?

You should look for comfort, durability, and a suitable outsole that provides maximum balance. It is essential to look for slip-resistant shoes to ensure safety and best performance.

What are the best basketball shoes for girls?

We recommend either “Nerteo Sneakers” orUnder Armour Kids' Pre School Jet 2018 Basketball Shoe". They both have amazing features. Under Armour Kids' Pre School Jet 2018 Basketball Shoe has also provided a separate size chart for girls with the same quality for both girls and boys.  

Can girls wear boys' basketball shoes?

Yes, they can, but selecting a size can be very tricky. We recommend your measure out the size of the foot and then match it with the size chart to get a perfect fit.

Are high top shoes bad for your ankles?

No, it gives the ankle good support ant comfortable cushion. But if there is a sprint in your ankle, don't rely on high top shoes for too long. Moreover, we recommend you seek medical help as soon as possible to avoid any severe injuries.

Final Verdict

All of the basketball shoes mentioned in our list will serve with durability and the protection of your child's feet. These shoes fulfill the requirement of the basketball player. All of them are made from good quality material, and with the right structure. Indeed, they will help your child on the field or during the practice.

They all are highly secure for both girls and boys, and with the well-devised color schemes and designs. In contrast to heavy shoes, these light-weight shoes can be used for casual wear and can become a style signature also.

Finally, these basketball shoes will help your child bring out confidence, happiness, enjoyment, good sportsmanship, life lesson, and wonder achievements.

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