Best Juicer For Greens

Juicers are one of the essential utensils found in the kitchen of almost every house as well as every fitness freak. Mainly best juicers for greens are used to extract fresh juices out of fruits and vegetables. Juicers makes it easier for us to make fresh juices in seconds and saves us both time and energy now if you are following a diet plan than it is so simple to start-off your mornings with a glass of fresh drinks and all of its credit goes to the juicer machines. 

If you are planning to buy the best juicer for greens and carrots or upgrading an older one then keep on reading as this article will explain in detail different types of juicers for greens, wheatgrass, vegetables, and other fruits. 

Quick Guide

If you are in Hurry…! Especially we Provide a Quick Guide for you Before We Discuss More In Detail. Here We offer our Top 3 Best products are mentioned below.



green star juicer gs 1000

Green Star Juicer GS 1000
  • HD Twin Gears
  • No Heat Build Up
  • Bioceramic Magnetic Technology
  • Low Quiet Speed of 110 RPM
  • Item Weight: 24 pounds


Aicok Juicer

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
  • Baby Health and Silence
  • Juice & Pulp Separation Function
  • Upgraded Spiral System
  • 80 Rpm Slow Masticating and Grinding – 90% More Nutrition Growth


amzchef slow juicer

Amzchef Slow Juicer
  • BUDGET Friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to Use
  • Sturdiness

Greens and juicing

As we all know that green vegetables are rich in nutrients like potassium, folate and sulphate and also contains vitamins A, K & C so they are more likely to part of our daily healthy routines. This reading further explains several types of greens and also put a light on which of them are reasonable for juicing and which type of juicers are compatible for the juicing task.

Greens from Squash, daisy and gourds family:

Squash greens

Squash greens are waterier in nature and due to that they become softer on cooking due to high water content they are considered suitable for juicing purpose. Marrows, Zucchini, Cousa, Tatume & Courgettis etc. are few examples of squash greens.

Daisy greens

Daisy greens are also based on 60-70% of water and are considered suitable for juicing and fresh drinks. Lettuce ,bitter leaf, & dandelion etc. are few examples of daisy greens.


Gourds greens include Cucumbers ,Luffa & Cantaloupe all are good for juicing as they are high in nutrients and are used as fresh drinks to start your day.

Factors to consider before buying juicer:

In today’s dynamic lifestyle time is everything and that’s the reason which makes juicers and other appliances essentials for our kitchens. A good idea to enjoy healthy day is to start it with a fresh juice or nutritious drink and to do so juicers play a vital role. Now before buying or replacing a juicer one should look for a number of factors like cleaning, handling, warranty, noise & durability. Further details on different types of juicers and their characteristics are discussed in detail so keep on reading.

Comprehensive Review of 9 Best Juicers For Greens


Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

  • Features: Easy to Clean, Quiet Motor & Reverse Function, BPA-Free, Cold Press Juicer with Brush
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green star juicer gs 1000

Green Star Juicer GS 1000

  • Features: Original Twin Gear Cold Press Masticating Juice Extractor, White
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Tribest GSE-5000 Tribest GSE-5000 Cold Press Complete Masticating

  • Features: 3 Speed Centrifugal Juicer for Fruits and Vegs, with Non-Slip Feet, BPA-Free
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Hurom Juicers Hurom Juicers/Extractors

  • Features: Optimized for Green Juice: Specially made for juicing celery, wheatgrass, leafy greens, and root vegetables like beets and ginger
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  • Features: 365 Juicer Slow Masticating Extractor Creates Delicious Fruit Vegetable and Leafy Green High Juice Yield and Preserves Nutritional Value, 150-Watt
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  • Features: Two Speed Adjustment, Easy to Clean, Quiet Motor, Cold Press Juicer for Vegetables and Fruits, BPA-Free
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Zulay Juicer Zulay Juicer

  • Features: Metal Lemon Squeezer – Premium Quality Heavy Duty Manual Orange Juicer and Lime Squeezer Press Stand
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AMZCHEF Juicer/Extractor

AMZCHEF Juicer/Extractor:

  • Features: Hurom’s new personal series juicer will meet all your juicing needs
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VIVOHOME Juicer VIVOHOME Juicer/Squeezer

  • Features: Slow Masticating Juicer Machine with Big Wide 81mm Chute 900 ml Juice Cup, Cold Press Juicer for Nutrient Fruits and Vegetables
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A brief review of Top Juicers 

Following are our top picked best juicers for greens & wheat grass available on e-commerce platforms as well as in markets.


DC motor

3 years warranty

Safe for babies & old


3 seconds motor power

Aicok juicer Editor’s Choice for “juicer for greens” comes in the category of Slow masticating juicers. This juicer is widely available on e-commerce platforms and is holding a decent rating of 4-5 stars.Thanks to the manufactures as its parts are easy to assemble and install it is easy to clean and extract higher amount of juice from fruits and vegetables. Now time to know some key points of aicok juicer review.

Let’s jump to the aicok juicer review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

3-Speed modes:

Aicok Juicers provides full control to the user as it contains 3 types of speed modes. This feature makes it suitable as one can regulate speed as per their demand of juicing as well as nature of fruits and vegetables.  


Using this juicer, you don’t need to worry at all about separating pulp from the juice as it is designed in a way that is automatically separates juice and pulp without wasting any important nutrients. Moreover, this feature makes it super easy to clean the juicers in no time.

Price & warranty:

As far as price is concerned Aicok has fairly priced their juicers  within a range of 150$-300$ depending on region to region. The company provides 3+ years of warranty upon any technical faults which is quite impressive.


Original Twin Gear

Centrifugal juicer

Live Tribest Life


Not Easy to Clean

This Tribest GS-1000 is based on twin gear masticating technology which makes it unique from regular electric juicers. It also stands in the list of slow masticating juicers with a cold press start making it a 4-5 star ranked product on e-commerce platforms.

Greenstar has designed this juicer to extract juice by avoiding loss of nutritional content from juices which will be explained further so keep on reading.

Let’s jump to the Green Star Juicer review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

2.1. Twin Gear Juicer

Tribest GS-1000 is an electric juicer that is based on twin gear extraction technology which enables it to be among best juicer for extracting fresh juices without losing nutritional content of the fruits and vegetables and also helps in preservation of natural enzymes which increases the refrigeration period of juices and keeps them fresh for a longer period. 

2.2. Pressure Knob & ejection

Tribest GS-1000 is capable of adjusting pressure and comes with an adjustable knob which makes it easier to maintain pressure while juicing smaller or larger pieces of vegetables and fruits. Along with pressure adjustment it holds a fine automatic system to eject the pulp which makes it super easy to clean the juicer.

2.3. Price & warranty:

Greenstar has placed Tribest GS-1000 within a price bracket of $450 – $650 depending on region to region. The company provides a super warranty period of 5-years for this juicer.


110 rpm speed

maximum juice yield and nutrition

Advanced professional juicer machine


Got stains if not cleaned well

As discussed previously Greenstar is one of the market leaders in Juicers innovating products constantly and making our lives easier. Tribest GSE-5000 is one of the best and most up-to-date juicers in market with an impressive feedback and high ranking on e-commerce platforms. Let’s have a look on the attributes of Tribest GSE-5000 and see what makes it an ultimate juicer for our kitchens. 

Let’s jump to the Green Star Juicer review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

3.1. Unique Twin gear system

Greenstar is a well-known brand in juicers market because of their high end, innovative and durable models. Tribest GSE-5000 is also one of the most popular models of Greenstar. The reason is its huge twin gear technology which makes it an ultimate juicer for all purpose and for all sorts of tasks including slicing, cutting, crushing & juicing.

Its Huge size of gears are specifically designed to extract a higher amount of juice without denaturizing the minerals and enzymes.

3.2. Adjustable pressure system

Greenstar has managed to provide pressure adjustment system in this model as they did with the previous one. Pressures adjustment provides a number of benefits in handling the juicer as well as helps to prevent fruits, nuts and vegetables to jam or stuck inside the juicer. This incredible feature works while you are juicing or crushing nuts etc. making it extremely easier to gain maximum yield at once.

3.3. Price & warranty:

Greenstar has placed this Tribest GSE -5000 juicer in a price bracket of $515-$650 slightly higher than the previous one. Warranty of this juicers in for the period of 5-years that is pretty good and justifies the value for customers. 


Quality Material

Quiet Motor

Optimized for Green Juice


No Have any Cons

Hurom is one of the kitchen appliance producers based in South Korea and I sone of the nominated cold press juicers manufacturers. Unlike other juicers this one is less noisy and doesn’t make irritating loud sound while operating. Hurom holds a decent rating between 4-5 stars on e-commerce platforms but overall global rating stands around 2-3 stars which is due to unavailability of product worldwide. Let’s have a peek on the attributes of this juicer.

Let’s jump to the Hurom Juicers review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

4.1. Best for Greens

Hurom is considered as one of the best juicers for greens and wheatgrass as it also belongs to the family of slow, cold press juicers. It is designed specially to make smoothies and fresh juices. If you are a fitness freak and drinks fresh juices like celery, wheat grass and other smoothies than this juicer is certainly best for you.

4.2. Design & Unique Motor

Hurom comes in a horizontal structure which makes it a versatile product in comparison to other juicers in the market. However, its design is not the  only reason which makes it stand out the other important reason is the motor which is used in this juicer. The motor  operates with a negligible sound which does not irritate a user while juicing thanks to the company for making such  product.

4.3 Price & warranty:

Hurom juicers are placed around $450-$550 depending on the region from which a customer is buying. As far as warranty is concerned the motor of the juicer covers 8-years of warranty and parts covers 2 years of warranty period which makes it a best choice for fitness lovers.


Easy To Use And Clean

Cold Press 365 Juicer

Preserves Nutritional Value


Little expensive

Omega is one of the prominent brands in juicers market with a huge customer base from around 120 countries. The companies headquarter is based in USA. H3000D also known as Cold press365 holds a decent rating of 4.7-5 stars on e-commerce platforms. let’s have a look on the attributes of this juicer.

Let’s jump to the OMEGA H3000D review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

5.1. Dual Masticating

Omega H3000D is also one of the slow masticating juicers. The unique feature is its dual masticating technique which makes it different from other juicers in the market and helps users to extract higher amounts of juice without elimination of natural nutrients and enzymes.

5.2. Design & Compatibility

The design of Omega H3000D is quite appealing and covers less space on your kitchen shelves however there is a big issue that it operates only on 150 Watts which is not an issue if you are living in North America. Otherwise, you have to attach an additional adapter which provides an input of 150Watts to use this juicer. Despite this itty-bitty issue this juicer is considered as one of the best for celery, greens, fresh juices and other smoothies so don’t underestimate it.

5.3 Price & warranty:

Omega has placed this juicer with an amazing price bracket of just 150$ -200$ without shipping. The company provides warranty of parts as well as the performance of H3000D internationally for a period of 12 months.


Vitamin Supplementation

Improve Appetite

Bodybuilding and Weight-reducing


Plastic Material

Cirago is one of the best producers of consumer electronics and expanded its operations in many countries around globe with its headquarters in Sunnyvale CA. This juicer belongs to the family of slow masticating juicers with some additional features making it unique from others. The overall rating on e-commerce platform for this juicer is around 4-5 stars. This juicer holds following exclusive attributes.

Let’s jump to the aicok juicer review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

6.1. High yield & low noise

Cirago juicers are popular in the market for their high juice yields as well as the motor which is quite impressive and does not make a lot of noise while  operating. Along with these features this juicer also preserves all of the natural nutrients and enzymes while juicing a vegetable or fruit.

6.2. Dual speed & reverse function

This juicer comes with a dual speed mode and a reverse function as both of these add more value for the customers. Dual speed enables you to juice a fruit or vegetable at high or low speed  while reverse function helps to avoid clogging by pulp or residues of fruits and vegetables and makes it super easy to clean the juicer. 

6.3. Price & warranty:

The company has placed this juicer on e-commerce platforms in a price bracket of 160$-200$ however the warranty covers a period of 24 months and lifetime technical support for the customers.


Manual Citrus Press

Ergonomic Rubberized Handle

Steel Bowl and Cone


Narrow glass

Zulay Juicers are the manual ones and produced by “Zulay Kitchen” a small company based in the US. The whole idea of this manual juicer is based on saving time as well as money simultaneously which is quite a difficult task to manage. However, the company has made this possible by creating this manual juicer. Following are exclusive attributes of this juicer.

Let’s jump to the Zulay Juicer review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

7.1. Manual juicing & High yield

This juicer/squeezer is basically designed only for citrus fruits. It is made of heavy-duty iron which is generally used in industrial products to give it more of a professional look as well as to sustain longer. This juicer is operated by a manual lever which makes it user friendly. All you have to do is place the sliced fruit in the cup and press the handle bar and ta-da fresh juice will be extracted in the glass without any pulp and residues.

7.2. Stability and Cleaning

The company has placed rubber tips beneath the stand of the juicer which gives a good grip and prevents it from slipping on shelves making it more stable and easier to use. The additional stainless steel strainer cup makes it very easy to clean. 

7.3. Price & warranty:

The company has set this juicer in a decent price bracket of $90-$99 on e-commerce platforms and set a lifetime warranty which gives buyers more confidence to purchase their juicer.


High Nutrient Fruit & Vegetable Juice

Stainless steel and plastic

Multi-purpose for Fruits & Veggies


little healthier

Amzchef  is currently one of the fastest growing new leaders in kitchen appliances in the US market. The company has maintained a rating of 4.4-5 stars on e-commerce platforms. This juicer is also a slow masticating one so let’s have a look on  what are exciting attributes of this juicer.

Let’s jump to the AMZCHEF Juicer review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

8.1. New Spiral technology

AMZCHEF is a slow masticating cold press juicer having a quiet motor. The upgraded spiral  which is longer in size makes it possible to get 90% of juice squeezed out of fruits and vegetables. Due to the new & improved spiral system it is easier to remove pulp and residues and also  helps avoiding the juicer to clog.

8.2. Stainless Steel Filter & Reverse Function

The company used a stainless-steel filter which separates the pulp and residues out and the reverse function helps to maintain the speed as well and pressure while juicing. Along with these features it is easy to disassemble parts with just one button for cleaning purposes which is quite impressive & user friendly.

8.3. Price & warranty:

The company has placed this AMZCHEF juicer in a price bracket of $95-$99 and provides a lifetime technical support as well as after sales service for its customers.


Stainless Steel, Cast Iron

Perfect for extracting juice

oranges, apples, lemons, grapefruits


little healthier

VIVOIHOME is a US based home appliance manufacturing companyand they are the leading market in terms of price factor by placing their products at an affordable price range. This juicer is a manual citrus extractor mainly used in homes as well as restaurants for juicing. Following are the exclusive attributes of this juicer.

Let’s jump to the VIVOHOME Juicer review & attributes of this model without waiting further.

9.1. 304- Grade food Steel

The VIVOHOME juice squeezer is manufactured with a 304 Grade industrial food friendly stainless-steel material which is compatible with juicing citrus fruits. The solid structure of this squeezer makes it easy to operate with very less human effort.

9.2. Easy to clean & stability

This squeezer is capable of bearing a pressure of 2200 PSI without compromising the nutrients of the juices. As far as stability is concerned the company has created a strong base with good quality of rubber tips which provides stability and control to the operator. The removable cup and filter make it easier to clean the juicer in no time.

9.3. Price & warranty:

The company has set a price range of $59-$65 for this juicer with 30 days return back policy and this juicer comes with a warranty period of 12 months which makes it a good selling juicer.

Greens from Cruciferous and Brassicas family:

Broccoli, Collard greens, Kale, Cabbage and Brussels sprouts etc, are few members from the cruciferous/brassica family. Vegetables like broccoli and cabbage are not easy to digest so it is not recommended to juice these vegetables as it could also lead to a problematic stomach. Cruciferous vegetables should be consumed in balanced proportions as excessive intake could affect thyroid badly.


Broccoli is a part of greens cruciferous/brassica family vegetable that vaguely resembles a miniature tree. Broccoli is a Great source of protein and fibre, and contains iron, calciumpotassium, selenium and magnesium as well as Broccoli is rich in vitamins A, C, E, K and a good array of B vitamins including folic acid.


Can you juice broccoli stalks?

Can You Juice Broccoli Stems? The stems of the broccoli can be juiced and are just as healthy as the florets. Instead of throwing away your stems while cooking broccoli for dinner, save them for juicing later. They have the same nutritional profile as florets and are completely edible!

Other Vegetables & Juicing:

Celery, wheat grass & spinach are amazing for juicing as they are rich with essential vitamins and help regulate blood sugar levels of the body moreover, they help to reduce weight.